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With our workshop & repair service, we offer you all expert work on violins, violas, cellos and double basses - from a broken neck to cracks in the body. For many years, we have specialized in the expert repair and restoration of double basses.

Preserving the instrument with respect to the original maker and achieving optimal playability

For many years, we have specialized in the repair and restoration of double basses.

Preservation and conservation is key to our meticulous repair and expert restoration of every instrument. We expertly perform all repair and restoration work in great detail and precision with the goal of preserving as much of the original instrument as possible while ensuring optimal playability. The precision tuning and sound adjustments are performed in close collaboration with the musicians themselves. Rehairing and repairing bows is also part of our service portfolio.


Repair and Maintenance Service

  • align, glue, and reinforce cracks in the top, the back and the rib
  • replace finger board, bridge, sound post and peg
  • fit a sound post patch
  • replace the bass bar
  • splice the neck
  • retouch the varnish and polish
  • peg bushing repair
  • rework and reprofile the fingerboard
  • adjust the sound post
  • mount the machine head
  • rehair the bow
  • full-service repair (broken/snapped/missing parts etc.)

For extensive repairs we prepare a cost estimate. For valuations for insurance purposes, we provide an expert written appraisal of value for your instrument. Before you decide on commissioning the repair, restoration or refurbishment of your instrument, we will be happy to offer you a comprehensive expert consultation. Contact us for advice and expert opinion.

Geigenbau Michelle Stemann

Repair, Maintenance and Sale of double basses, violins & co.
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